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Legion of Mary

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Praesidium

(An Army Set In Battle Array)



Spiritual Advisor: Fr. Martin Orjianioke

President: Pat Haynes

Vice President: Kay Bergen

Secretary: Len Bergen

Treasurer: Karen Clark


The goals of the Legion of Mary, is to glorify God through the personal sanctification of each of its members, to embody the ideals of Christianity through the spiritual works of mercy. The Legion seeks to work in close union with the priest, to whom it looks for formation and spiritual guidance and for whom it aspires to be an effective apostolic instrument.



Structure and Works:


The types or work focus primarily on the Spiritual Works of Mercy: 


Conversion:  Establishing friendly contact with those outside the Church; promoting Evangelization


Conservation:  Fostering Catholic ideals and devotions in parish communities and Catholic families.


Consolation:  Visiting prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, shut-ins; parish census or other spiritual needs in the parish or community.


Each church’s unit, called a praesidium, has its own spiritual director. Each praesidium is given one of the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our praesidium is Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


Some of the works that members of Our Lady of Perpetual Help praesidium have engaged in are: visiting the sick, the homebound, and those in nursing homes; leading Bible studies or other adult education classes; assisting in the catechesis of children; prison ministry; praying outside an abortion clinic; giving transportation to church, to doctor appointments, etc.; welcoming newcomers to the parish; and door to door evangelization.


St. Alphonsus Legion teaches the Catholic faith during the weekly meeting spiritual formation is found in the rosary, the Legion prayers, the spiritual reading and discussion, and the talk by the spiritual director. Additional help comes from the Catholic doctrine, and apostolic techniques learned from the Legion handbook and the work reports presented and discussed.


As we give time to our Lord and His Mother, they bless us in many ways and we find even more time and more blessings in life.  So we are encouraged to consider the tithing principle not only for finances but also for time. The aim is to spend time serving God through Catholic living and the active apostolate.


To be an active legionary you must participate in a praesidium, which holds a weekly meeting and allocates a weekly apostolic task to the members, who generally work in pairs.  After a successful period of probation of three months, members are called to make the Legionary Promise which is directed to the Holy Spirit. 


Realizing the necessity for a strong support of prayer, the Legion has auxiliary members, who associate themselves with the Legion by undertaking a service of prayer in its name. 


The administration of the Legion is carried out through its various councils at local, regional, and national levels.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Legion of Mary or desire more information contact Pat Haynes: 901-476-8697

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