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Parish Religious Education (PRE)

The purpose of Religious Education is to foster a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith.  Because developing such an understanding is a life-long process, the Religious Education Ministry provides programs for preschoolers through adults of all ages, as well as those seeking membership in the Catholic Church.

It is vital for children enrolled in PRE to also attend Rosary and Mass every Sunday. This is a very important part of their Religious Education. Rosary starts shortly after 10:00 AM and Mass follows immediately at 10:30 AM. The only exception to this requirement is if the child or someone else in the immediate family is ill. 

All students should have access to a Catholic Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

PRE instructors are:

1st Holy Communion: Juanita Buda & John Wheeler

3rd / 4th Grade: Jessica Walker

5th / 6th Grade: Rose Wheeler & Kay Bergen

Confirmation: Gary Buda & Katherine Brumley

Our Parish Director of Religious Education is Mrs. Beth Teer. You may contact her via Email at or by phone at 901-605-7337.

Volunteers are always needed to assist with PRE!

Religious education is an essential part of parish life. However, participation of one hour of religious education each Sunday is not enough to communicate the beliefs, values and practices which make us Catholic Christians. Our religious education classes are designed to build upon your child's experiences during regular Mass attendance, participation in the sacraments, and most importantly, spiritual life at home.

As parents, you are the best teachers for your children. Become involved in the process of teaching your child what it means to be Catholic by sitting in on a class, asking questions, assisting the teachers, helping your child study, and actively participating in parish life.

For more information about PRE, contact Beth Teer, Director of Religious Education, at 476-8140.

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