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St. Alphonsus Pastoral Ministries

Although a lot is said about the donation of time, talent, and treasure, it really is true that all three are critical elements for our parish to function. The treasure enables our parish to pay the bills and save for future projects. However, it is through the donation of your time and your talent that our parish is able to accomplish the multitude of tasks. So many good people volunteer wherever and whenever they can making our parish truly blessed! Part of the new Pastoral Council tasks was to realign and expand the existing ministries. Please review the below ministries and what defines them; and then prayerfully consider being part of one or more of the 7 ministries listed. Remember our parish needs your talent and your help!

Involves many aspects of property maintenance and improvements. Tasks include scheduling and accomplishing self-help repairs as well as coordinating out-sourced contract projects. Other tasks include the cleaning of the church and parish hall as well as lawn and garden care. More Information

Communication and Technology

Involves website and media center activities. Projects include inputting parish data such as the parish calendar, working with projection and sound systems, photographer, and generating media articles for local and diocese publications. Work on producing and maintaining a parish directory.

Evangelization and Education

Work with parish religious education programs (RCIA and PRE), missions and community outreach, and ongoing faith formation programs using CDs, DVDs and printed media.

Works with the youth group and families. Also establish elderly, singles and other age specific groups and activities. Seek out other appropriate outside activities as well as coordinate special occasion activities such as anniversaries, mother's/father's day celebrations and other appropriate seasonal parish festivities.


Coordinate Mass related ministries such as music, servers, sacristan, greeters, flowers, linen care, ushers and ministers of hospitality. Help with preparation for holidays and special Masses involving the reception of sacraments.

Pastoral Care and Visitation

Helps with our Friends of the Poor ministries including Food Pantry and Tiny Blessings. Assist parishioners through prison ministry, funerals, home-bound, and hospital visitation. Also assists with the hospitality, bulletin announcements, and new member services.

Historian and Archivist

Research and document the history of our church; record special milestones and events. Maintain in print and or digital format church recorded events. Keep a Journal of Parish events and activities.

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