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Parish Gardens

The Garden Club maintains the flower beds around the church and rectory. Individuals wishing to help with the weeding, trimming, planting, and cleaning of the beds should consult the bulletin for upcoming dates and times. All are welcome and experience is not necessary. The point of contact is Beth Teer at 901-605-7337.

Lawn Care

The Lawn Care Group insures the grass around the church and rectory are maintained in a neat manner. Volunteers for this Ministry are solicited during the month of March. Mowing and weed eating are accomplished by parish volunteers during the months of May through September. All equipment is available in the Church's equipment garage located in the upper parking lot.

Building Cleaning

The Building Cleaning Crew ensures that our Church and Social Hall are maintained in a clean and orderly fashion. Duties include vacuuming, dusting, arranging pew missals and song books in the Church, and dusting, mopping, and arranging tables and chairs in the Social Hall. Point of contact is Beth Teer at 901-476-8140.

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