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An altar society is a group of laypersons in a parish church who maintain the ceremonial objects used in worship.  Every Catholic woman in the parish is welcome to be in the altar society.  The duties of member vary according to circumstances. Altar societies work for the benefit of the church to which they are attached. The main objective of an altar society is to maintain the vestments and altar vessels in the church. The includes the cleaning, repair and/or replacement of altar linens. 

Additional duties include:

Coordinating and holding fundraisers to raise money in support of procuring replacement or new altar linens, vestments, and other liturgical needs of St. Alphonsus and Ave Maria.

The altar society plans and holds a “meat free” soup and salad Friday dinner during Lent alternating with the Knights of Columbus’ “Fish Fry Friday”.


If you desire to join the St. Alphonsus/Ave Maria Altar Society or desire additional information contact Elaina Prizina: 901-476-8697 for St. Alphonsus and Kathy Matras: 731-635-7394 for Ave Maria.

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